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Jayy'z History Coursework

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PostPosted: Wed 4 Nov - 01:22 (2009)    Post subject: Jayy'z History Coursework Reply with quote

Q1. Explain the nature and purpose of the “Hitler Youth Movement”  
  The Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was a right-winged politician. He wanted to make many changes to Germany and believed Germany was a superior country. He believed the Aryan race was mighty and other cultures and races should bow down and respect them. To keep these ideas Hitler realised that the next generation could continue his ideology and beliefs. This one of the many reasons Hitler started the Hitler Youth Organisation. Hitler literally needed to brainwash the children and taught them to not answer back. He also taught that the Fuhrer was almighty and looked upon as Godlike. 
Once Hitler decided to start this campaign of the Hitler Youth Movement it was not a compulsory club, although many chose to attend. This was because the Hitler Youth Movement involved many different activities such as camping trips, firing a gun, marching, singing, keeping fit and sports. Many of the German children were fairly poor meaning they could not afford trips to go away for weekends or get a chance to go to many events. Therefore, they joined the Hitler Youth Movement to be able to go on these special trips, attend activities and go to occasional trips.
The Hitler Youth was split up into age groups, for boys aged 6-9 it was called The Pimpfen (The Little Fellows), aged 10-13 it was called The Jungvolk (The Young Folk) and lastly aged 14-18 it was called The Hitlerjugend (The Hitler Youth).
For girls the Hitler Youth started at the age of 10-13 called The Jungmodel (Young Girls), once turned 14-18 they could join The Bund Deutsche Madchen (The German Girls League).
Adolf Hitler wanted boys to be trained eventually to become the ideal soldier and women to be trained to become the ideal housewife. Boys had many sports activities to become extremely fit, marches to teach discipline and camping trips for organisation purposes. Girls had to do similar routines such as camping, hiking, and sports in the Hitler Youth Movement but also had some other activities such as singing, and cooking.
The minds of the children was not only affected by the outside clubs ran by the Hitler Youth but also in school. All teachers were re-tested for Nazi-teaching ideology and if they did not pass they were sent to concentration camps for “re-education”.
 The Furher took out less-needed subjects such as foreign languages, Drama, Art, Music, Religious Education, and Citizenship. This was replaced by German, Eugenics and Nazi Theory. To extend on the ideas of Nazi policies they even had anti-Jewish problem solving equations to convince the German children that Jewish and other races were 2nd class. Here is an example of a maths problem; this is not intended on improving a student’s education but to deepen the thoughts upon the other rival cultures and races.
“A pilot on takeoff carries 12 dozen bombs, each weighing 10 kilos. The plane flies to Warsaw (centre for Jews). It bombs the town. On take off with all the bombs on board and 1,500 kilos of fuel, the aircraft weighed about eight tons. When it returned from the crusade there are still 230 kilos of fuel left. What is the weight of the aircraft when empty?”
Boys and girls were separated and taught separately. Boys had to do many more sports activities to become fitter. Nazi ideology was also taught to boys about the ways of Nazi teachings and how to become the best soldiers.
Women were taught different subjects apart from sport such as cooking, sex education, house chores and about how to be the perfect mother and wife. All of this to become the best mother or wife because Hitler wanted women to stay at home and look after the children, cooking and cleaning including looking after the house.
All of this was to encourage the message about Nazi ideology. Declaring they were the superior race, the Furher was almighty and that they deserved much more. The children were constantly bombarded with the theories of Nazi and Nazi ideas and soon adapted. Adolf Hitler’s ideas were a success and he wanted the next generation to continue his ideology as planned for future generations.

Q2. Explain the reasons for Nazi policies towards women?

  The Nazis changed the whole role of women because it went against their ideas of what women’s roles should be. The Nazi’s believed women should be at home: cooking cleaning, mothering and going to church. This is supported by a commonly used saying about the role German women used to play in Nazi Germany: Kirche, Kueche, Kinder translating into “Church, Kitchen, Children.”
Adolf Hitler thought women were very important, and wanted them to have many babies. He further encouraged his ideas of German women to get married and have children with another German man. Reason behind Adolf Hitler wanting all women to have more children was to re-populate Germany by increasing its numbers because of the amount of casualties and deaths from World War 1. Hitler also thought that Jews, Slavs and other races that Germany opposed would repopulate faster than Nazi Germany so Hitler invented new schemes to try and surpass other. He brought in numerous methods to encourage women to have children such as giving loans to families and if the mother had a child they could keep 25% of the loan and only had to pay back 75%. For every child a woman had, they would let the women keep 25%. This encouraged many women to have at least 4 children therefore not having to pay back anything.
The Fuhrer also encouraged women to have more children by giving awards away called the Motherhood Cross on August 12th every year which was Hitler’s Mother’s Birthday. If a women had 5 children she would receive a bronze Motherhood Cross, women with 6 or 7 children would receive a silver Motherhood Cross and women with 8 children or above received a gold Motherhood Cross. This was to prove that the women were important to the Nazi Germany community. This represented that they were purely Nazi and Hitler praised them.
Another way policies towards women changed when Nazi’s took power was women’s jobs. If a woman was to become un-employed she would not be put on an un-employed list because women were seen as either mothers or housewives therefore not having a job.
Many women were forced to leave their jobs such as doctors, civil servants, lawyers and teachers to become either housewives or mothers.
Nazi policies also discouraged women to carry on in higher education because it was not a necessity if they were to stay at home cooking and cleaning. Women were purely needed to look after the house and to have children so they could grow up strong and healthy with a re-birth for a new great Nazi Germany which would try to take over the whole world.
Women were banned from using make up, styling hair, slimming, and wearing trousers. Also an organisation called the German Women’s Enterprise was started to organize courses, classes and radio talks on household topics and the skills of motherhood. Hitler’s intention was to go against the other races and beat them by having a larger population than theirs. Using women similar to tools or as a device, Hitler manipulated them and took away many rights they had such as the right to work.
Lastly, Adolf Hitler wanted German women to be the perfect mother or housewife and women were literally forced into having babies because they did not have a job. Women had to rely on the men who had jobs and who earned money therefore the women were almost forced into a relationship. Furthermore the ideal loan appealed to many women because they could finally afford to start a family with a taken out loan. They would have 4 children at least to banish the loan and start mothering for the newly born children; this was why Adolf Hitler’s ideas worked so successfully. Women would obey Hitler’s commands or be punished. As women were thrown out of work and therefore had nothing left to do, they were ideally sent home to learn to become a mother. Methods that were used in Nazi Germany to produce more off-spring were always encouraged. To recognise the extent of how far Hitler was willing to go to create his new Germany, Hitler arranged brothels for women who weren’t yet pregnant to become so by any pure raced German Nazi! All of Adolf Hitler’s ideas worked so successfully because they forced women into relationships by making them sacrifice their jobs in order to create a new type of career – housekeeping or mothering.

Q3. “The most important reason why there was little opposition in Germany towards the Nazi regime, was its use of propaganda?” Explain how far you agree with this statement.  

  I do agree with this statement but not to the maximum extent. The propaganda did help towards little opposition in Germany towards the Nazi regime but there were many other factors that were needed in order to obtain such little opposition. Propaganda alone could not have made such little opposition. All of the factors interlinked with one another.
Only Nazi policies were spread and any people that disagreed with the policies or made a non-Nazi policy were censored and punished severely. All other political parties were banned by Adolf Hitler meaning there was no political party in opposition against the Nazis. The opposing politicians were either sent to concentration camps or were ordered to leave Germany immediately. The ideas were constantly spread via cheap radio sets, television programmes and in newspapers to increase Nazi beliefs to the public. Jazz music and other such like things were banned because it originated from black cultures and against Nazi teachings.
Censorship was used as a powerful tool and the Nazis took full advantage of it by silencing all non-Nazi views. In order to get any work published or performed in Nazi Germany you had to be a member of the Reich Chamber of Culture. Writers, film makers and artists were denied membership if their views was not Nazi-based. Masses of books were publicly burnt if they did not follow Nazi ideology. Essentially, the Nazis controlled everything that the German people read, heard and said. This was all to get across what Adolf Hitler believed in and making the Nazi government even more in control of Germany and to start a renaissance with Hitler’s new ideas.
Propaganda was used by putting up many posters of Adolf Hitler over-ruling all others and was also used to distort facts, maintain popularity and boost morale. Propaganda was used to show that they loved their great Fuhrer who would re-gain Germany’s dignity after losing World War 1. However, propaganda was not effective on the older generations because they could see the differences between how other cultures were represented when they were being brought up from a young age, to the new Nazi parties’ ideas of other cultures which thought 2nd class citizens of them. As Josef Goebbles’ speech quotes, “The essence of propaganda consists in winning people over to an idea so sincerely so vitally, that in the end they succumb to it utterly and can never escape from it,” this is proof that Nazis used propaganda on the public and that it was partially a success along with many other factors contributing greatly. Another source shows a poster promoting Hitler by having, “Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Fuhrer” on the cover which translates into, “One Empire, One Person, One Leader.” This was a new revolution for the German government because before it was run by a democratic system. Then Adolf Hitler came to power as a brand new method of running a country – a dictator.
Before Hitler came to power there was a mass un-employment in Germany with over 6 million citizens un-employed. Once Hitler and the Nazi party were legally voted in, Hitler’s immediate task was to sort this major problem out. He found the solution by creating jobs for millions of workers and quickly reduced its figures. Un-employment in January 1933 rose to 6,014,000 but Hitler quickly reduced it to only 3,773,000 only a year later! The German public adored him for this and the un-employment reduced further. By 1940 Hitler had eliminated the crisis of un-employment. One of Adolf Hitler’s policies was that anyone who was physically able to work did so and this showed beneficial in German society with new buildings, new roads and new houses constantly being built and jobs being created. Hitler created a new and powerful army to show the German public that he was re-building the once great Germany again. Being a right-winged politician Hitler was also adored by big businessmen because he did not agree with communism, this means that businessmen didn’t get taxed greatly.
Lastly the great factor that gave Nazis the advantage over such little opposition was of terror. Nazis constantly used terror to the German public by making them fear of what could happen to them not what will definitely happen. The most famously feared police were Heinrich Himmler’s Gestapo. These police officers were dressed in dark black uniforms and were scattered around every city. There was not many of this police force but fear struck into civilians’ minds that anyone could be a Gestapo or is an informer to the Gestapo and therefore said nothing to go against any of Hitler’s wishes. Gestapo had the power to arrest people with just a suspicion. Another police force was the S.A Brownshirts were Hitler’s secret police force which kept things under control.
Using terror methods scared the people of Germany and there was a great disadvantage using terror because Germany lost many of its great scientists which emigrated such as Albert Einstein and Thomas Mam to escape oppression, causing Germany to lose many of its best scientists and intellectuals this was a great disadvantage.
With all of these factors linked in together with one another we can see a great success and there is evidence to show that terror, censorship, popularity and propaganda all worked exceedingly in causing little opposition against the Nazi party by this fact: “42% of German youths thought that a new strong Fuhrer was the way forward in re-building Germany.” However it was not propaganda alone that caused little opposition but it did help significantly. In my opinion, terror was the most important factor in causing such little opposition to the Nazi party but could not have been achieved without the other factors working so successfully together. I think terror had a much stronger impact on the German congregation to make people think twice about speaking out against their Fuhrer. All these different methods helped to bring little opposition but propaganda was not the key factor, terror was.




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